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Electronic Tax Bill Enrolment Form

By completing the following form you agree to receive an electronic version of your Tax Bills, PAP Letters, Supplementary/Omitted Bills and Arrears Notices rather than a printed copy through standard mail.

You will also receive the Township Newsletter, Dump Card and Dog Tag Renewal Form as separate attachments on the same email.

Property Owner Information 

Please complete an additional form if you require more than 3 property owners. 

Property Information

In the field below, please enter either your roll number(s) or your civic address(es).

You can find your roll number on the top of your current tax bill. 

Image of the top of a tax bill with a red arrow pointing at the roll number.

Enter either your roll number(s) or your civic address(es). If you have more than one property please enter them on separate lines, for example:




12 Douro-Dummer Drive, Douro-Dummer, ON

34 Boundary Road, Norwood, ON